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Daniel Bell, Skåne




Landscape, Scandinavia, Vertical Gardens

Daniels family garden in Skåne, where he lived until 2015, gave Daniel a chance to see what plants, alongside of what is grown commonly in Southern Sweden, rooted in the ground and vertically. He found many that gives a rich tapestry of foliage and color such as specie Rhododendron, varieties of Magnolia, Broussonetia papyrifera, Hydrangeas in many varieties, Viburnum hillerii, Juglans manchurica and Ailanthifolia, Kalmia, Clerodendron, Carex muskingumensis en masse, Crocosmia Lucipher, Actinidia, Akebia, Stewartia, Wisteria, Thalictrum, Tricyrtis, Buxus, Miscanthus to mention a few.
For over 5 yars now, Daniel has been trialling growing plants vertically in a cold climate, today he has a very good understanding of the main problems – root freeze and winter sun.