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Slakthusområdet | Stockholm


Slakthusområde, Stockholm


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Theory into proatoc


Design and GYF, Landscape, Roof, Scandinavia

This is the first phase of a developing process for a new residential block in Stockholm.
The project involved working with the “Grönytefaktor” (GYF) .

The buildings disposition left a big central courtyard. and this place host two square for the residents and a kindergarten yard.

The kindergarten playground is divided in different “habitats” that reminds the ecosystems on earth. Every habitat has different uses and stimulations:
1. Upper square- 144 m2
This is the meeting place and the area for free activities, it host some rocking animals and benches
2. Lower square – 92 m2
This is the second open space in the yard and has the same function of the previous one. So it is possible to split the kids in groups
3. Forest – 190 m2
It’s the more shady and natural area of the playground where kids can
experience and play in relation with the nature
4. Theatre in the woods
The forest slope host some big stones looking to a wooden platform forming a natural theatre for outdoor classes or performances
5. Wetland – 50 m2
This is the lowest area in the yard and is where all the rainwater is collected, is a temporary wet area and it create a unique ecosystem. Stepping stones and a pear can furnish the area
6. Grassland – 70 m2
The most sloped area of the yard is covered by different kind of grasses (they hold very well the soil). In the grasses is possible to make a labyrinth and on the slope is placed a slide with natural steps that connect the two levels and a playground with trunks and net to climb up.
7. Desert – 45 m2
In the sunniest portion of the yard is located a big sandbox and a circle of trunks
8. Orchard – 145 m2
This area is located on a gentle slope and host several fruit trees. Between the trees, small wooden houses and balance paths make a fairy village
9. Greenhouse – 30 m2
This glass house links the kindergarten yard with the public square and can be used both from residents and kids