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Wenngarn slott | Sigtuna


Wenngarn slott, Sigtuna




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Daniel was introduced to the new owner of Wenngarn Slott by a very supportive client in the fall 2013. After a couple of meetings and a presentation Daniel was awarded the project – 35 hectares of historic Castle Gardens to restore. The assignment also involved creations of new areas plus an open parkland for everyone to enjoy.

In the first new introductions included 1.000 white Delphinium, around 100 varieties of ornamental Cherry, 10.000 white Tulips, 10.000 Bluebell (English variety), over 2000 old fashioned shrub Roses, a 100 meter long Clethra alnifolia hedge – which smells lovely in August, a 40.000 m2 Kitchen Garden filled with assorted berries and hops, 2 lorry loads filled with mature clipped specimens of Ligustrum, and Hornbeam, numerous heavy specimens of Magnolis, Cornus, Amelanchier and Quince trees. The list could go on, instead Daniel urges you to pack your picnic basket and visit the garden and Castle, which has free entry all year around!

We now enter the third year with great enthusiasm and no signs of slowing down, long may it continue!