Daniel Bell Landskap AB
Artillerigatan 26
SE-11451 Stockholm
+46 708 502779




Daniel Bell grew up on the family nursery in Berkshire, South of England, and learnt how to propagate plants from an early age. During his teenage years, school holidays were spent working on the nursery as well as in his fathers landscape company. In 2007, Daniel relocated to the south of Sweden, where he installed a vertical garden inside his dining room. He also started to experiment with several outdoor living walls using nordic plants suitable for this varied and sometimes harsh climate. In Skåne he also started a family and is now a proud father of three boys. Daniel Started developing vertical gardens in London 2009 in collaboration with Patric Blanc, the modern innovator of the green wall, and today he is a leading figure in this business in England. Daniel has been active in the Stockholm area for around 5 years now, and so far it has been a very positive experience. So positive that Daniel with his family decided to relocate to the area during the winter of 2015. Today Daniel and his team continues to develop living walls, both indoors and outdoors, from his office in central Stockholm. They also design and build gardens of all sizes throughout Sweden, England and Middle East.